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Project Manager

– Toronto, Ontario
Employment Type Full time
Minimum Experience Mid-level

Do you love bringing together cross-functional teams to tackle complex projects?  Everything from system implementations and product development to marketing campaigns and team gatherings. Do you pride yourself on getting things done right, on time, and within budget; while at the same time being open and flexible to change?  Do you want to work with a company that really makes a difference in the lives of others? We are looking for an experienced Project Manager to spin plates and jump through fiery hoops while riding a unicycle.  No, not really.  Although that might be fun, you just need to be able to coordinate lots of moving parts while keeping the team and projects on track.

Our Ideal Candidate

Has done this before. You have been a project manager for at least 5 years and are preferably a certified project management professional with Agile experience.  You have successfully executed complex, cross-functional business and tech projects ensuring a consistent, integrated, coordinated and timely process and approach.  This can’t be your first rodeo. 

Is a motivating, team-oriented, people person.  Let’s face it, in order to get other people to execute on your projects, you must be able to easily build relationships and credibility.  You earn and give respect so that you can steer cross-functional teams and sub-teams across the entire organization.  Oh, and since you get to do all of this remotely, from the comfort of your home, and you won’t be going into an office everyday to wrangle the team - your people and leadership skills are truly top notch.

Knows how to communicate and coordinate.  You know how to say it, write it and present it in both layman’s terms and a bit more formally if needed.  You deliver regular updates on project status, risk management and escalated issues. You keep all stakeholders in the loop and coordinate all project activities among them.

Is an organized, strategic planner that gets stuff done. You can develop and manage multiple project plans, set priorities, and establish processes. You can hold the team accountable to get ‘er done on schedule, within budget and scope.  And do so with integrity, talent and a palpable excitement about the future. Shadiness, mediocrity and pessimism/cynicism/excessive "constructive criticism" are out.

Loves to analyze and solve problems.  You know how to research, analyze, synthesize, recommend and implement creative and innovative solutions.  And you love to learn from the process by conducting post-project retrospectives to quantify issues and opportunities that lead to recommendations for new projects and updated processes.

Pays attention to the details.  This is natural for you. You dream about dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s.  Nothing slips by the net when you’re goalie. 

Ability to work independently.  Once you are confident in what you need to do, you can run with it and don’t need a lot of direction.  That said, you are not on an island.  You’ll get help and support from the team, and work very closely with our Lead Links. You will also have the pleasure and opportunity to work with our other talented Project Managers.  Not sure what a Lead Link is?  Precision Nutrition practices, Holacracy - check it out: 

A few important caveats  

This is a dream job, if you’re the right person for it.

Must-Have #1: You’re experienced and love what you do.  You live and breathe project management, with at least 5 years of experience, including Agile frameworks, and a proven track record of inspiring teams to achieve amazing outcomes. You've got the knowledge, experience and systems in place to hit the ground running, you'll just need to learn about PN, and how we work to make an impact.

Must-Have #2: You understand people and know how to communicate with them.  You’re an authentic “people-person”. You create a trusting environment, are able to facilitate a conversation to understand everyone's needs, allow for productive and focused dialogue, yet have the ability to recognize when things are getting off track, by picking up on those subtle and not so subtle cues, then redirect the conversation.

Must-Have #3: You diplomatically confront conflict head on.  Not everyone agrees 100% of the time. You'll find that we have "strong opinions, loosely held" at PN and aren't afraid to express them. You'll create a space where teams are able to have a healthy discussion, where everyone feels respected and heard, and understands why or why not a particular decision was made or a path was taken. 

Must-Have #4: You're adaptable and flexible.  As you know, things change. You're quick to recognize this, open to new ideas and will change course easily and intelligently.

Wondering if this is the right path for you?

Every year, professionals at the top of their field choose to join Precision Nutrition.

Here are 5 reasons why.

Reason #1: We give you the freedom to “do you.”

Unlike most companies, we don’t have rigid rules about how and when to do things. You’ll always be free to work independently, whenever, wherever, and however you want.

Reason #2: You can work from anywhere.

We’re a 100% remote company, and have been working remote for 17 years. When you join our team, you’re no longer shackled to one desk, one office, one city, or even one country!

Reason #3: Meetings are optional. (No, really.)

You’re an adult. You’re capable of deciding how your time should be spent. If you don’t think you need to attend a meeting, you don’t. Simple as that.

Reason #4: You’ll always feel supported.

In a regular office, it’s easy to feel like a hamster in a wheel, powerless to change things. At Precision Nutrition, we work as a team to overcome issues & barriers that stand in each other’s way, and we treat each other with enthusiasm, compassion, and care.

Reason #5: You’ll never be bored.

People often come to Precision Nutrition after hitting a plateau in their old jobs. At PN, you’ll get the chance to conquer new challenges, learn from the best, and reach thrilling new heights of personal and professional growth.

Plus: no commute ... and no 9-to-5 grind.

Go ahead: schedule work around your kids. Fly to Europe on a moment’s notice. We don’t care where you’re based or what hours you keep, as long as you always give us your best when it counts.

Sound like we might just be the perfect company for you?  Then you might just be the perfect fit for us. Click Apply for this Job below to get started!

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